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“As my twin brother, Darren was an inspiration throughout my life. He was a leader by example, he showed me perseverance, he was a warrior at heart, and a compassionate companion. We had a saying “Never give up. Never give in.” He fought until the end and proved that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.”


Dr. Mark Baldwin

Darren was a brother who made recalling childhood memories easy, full of belly laughs. A brother whose kindred, loving, adventurous spirit has left a forever imprint on my heart. A brother who is and will always be my hero. A brother whose memory I will forever cherish.”

Mrs. Veronica Asbury Frollini.

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“Darren’s zest for life, steadfast fighting spirit, and unwavering positive attitude was most incredible to witness every day, no matter the challenges, and yet in the blink of an eye the love of my life was gone. He was, is, will be forever the one my soul loves, the best decision, greatest gift in and of my life. My fierce and amazing husband. Darren’s legacy is multifaceted but above all to me is that of courage and love which I strive to uphold by always being a direct reflection of him until we are reunited once again.”


Mrs. Bianca Baldwin

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“As a mother it is hard to lose a son at any age and one like my beloved Darren, whose kindness touched so many people in his short life. You were a true hero as you fought on and off the battlefield for the oppressed, the disabled and your military brothers and sisters whose service and sacrifices should never be forgotten. Rest in eternal peace dear son, as one of our Lord’s soldier angels.”


Love Mom, Mrs. Fran Wesseling 

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“I went through Special Forces Qualification Course’s Robin Sage phase with Darren. Robin Sage is the grueling exercise for you to earn your Green Beret. Darren was one of three Captains on our ODA. He was one of those guys that was great at letting the team do what they needed to do and yet "encouraging" when it was needed. He did all of this with a smile. I had no idea this happened to him. I'd lost touch with him shortly after graduation and honestly haven't thought about him in a long while until today when I learned this once strikingly handsome, funny guy is close to the end. He gave up the best years of his life for his country. He will leave this earth a different man from when I knew him, and he'd do it all again. This is what selflessness looks like. This is what those people sacrifice, who know how amazing this country is. Shed a tear for him as I have. Remember him and his family in your prayers. Drink something in his honor. And sleep well knowing someone who didn't even know you, loved you enough to give up everything for you."


Sargent Major Mark (aka Cecil), Retired U.S. Army Special Forces

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